Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tiny Times 1.0 (2013) Full Movie Download

Tiny Times 1.0,  with its controversial author/writer/director Guo Jingming and leads Yang Mi, Kai Ko, Amber Kuo, etc., was a commercial success.  Most recently, Part 2 was moved up to air on the Qixi holiday on August 7th, while plans to adapt Tiny Times 2.0 has been approved by SARFT’s reviewing Tiny Times 1.0

Director:Jinming Guo
Writers:Jinming Guo, Guo Jinming
Release Date:27 June 2013 (China)
Stars:Mi Yang, Amber Kuo, Zhendong Ke 


When four best friends try and move forward in their work and personal life, they realize that trying to live their life's dream is more difficult than they imagine  especially in the high fashion world of Shanghai. who gets famous at 17 and must face the pressure and loneliness of the world - the writer's characteristics and personality are recognizable in the film. The casting fits perfectly into different roles. These good-looking actors and actresses, mostly famous for pop television series or advertisements, all have their own fan base. However, it seems the acting potential of these young stars is not reflected in the film. Lead actor Ko Chen-tung's performance in Tiny Times is said to be not as good as what he did in You Are the Apple of My Eye. Few of the roles are fully represented even though the film is filled with voice-over to introduce the background. One of the ex-boyfriends, who can always lead to a strong emotional reaction from the girls, only appears twice in the whole movie. For those in the audience who never read the book, unconnected scenes and unreal details are everywhere. For instance, an extremely rich family does not have a guest room and has      


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