Friday, May 17, 2013

Black Rock Full Movie Hd Download

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Release Date:17 May 2013 (USA)

First off, I have to say that I was genuinely excited to see this film. The synopsis for the film, and the overall idea sounded like it could be a promising addition to the thriller genre. Instead, I walked out of the film feeling underwhelmed and, ultimately, cheated. The film holds a runtime of a little below an hour and thirty minutes and, dear Lord do you feel every pain staking minute. The characters are wildly under developed and lucid, especially Kate Bosworth's character. While the film should focus on the girl's relationships with one another, it doesn' doesn't even come close to touching it. Instead, it goes right into introducing the evil male characters without ever developing any sentimental feelings for any of the three main girls played by Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth and Katie Aselton (the director). Forgive me for the lack of information of these characters, it is only due to the fact that each of them are so uninteresting and depraved that I can't even remember who was who. The direction and writing on this film is vastly inept, taking what should be breath taking scenes and molding them into scenes of ultra violence and shock that never materializes to be nothing less than terrible. The cast is trying their best to make this female rip off of Deliverence work, but ultimately it comes down to the direction of Katie Aselton that makes this film nothing more than a made for TV movie on Lifetime. Lake Bell tries to put the scream queen crown on but, yet again, it is bogged down by terrible direction and even worse, a horrible script from Mark Duplass. Overall, the film is stupid, undercooked, over acted, and under directed. This is a student film with Hollywood


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